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Vote for Maura K. Moran for 2019 IEEE-USA President-Elect!

IEEE-USA has been experiencing declining membership. Since most of IEEE-USA’s revenue comes directly from member dues, IEEE-USA has found itself operating in a resource constrained environment. 
Like any family in such circumstances, IEEE-USA needs to be focused and targeted:

  • focused on ways to bring in more resources and members, and
  • targeted in spending available resources only on what provides most benefit to its core missions.

IEEE-USA's Strategic and Operational Plan recognizes those realities and affirms its priorities as IEEE-USA’s core missions of public policy and member careers. I applaud and support IEEE-USA’s commitment to living within its means and to targeting its efforts on its core missions. I also think that we can and should focus on ways to increase new membership and member retention rates.

Maura's IEEE Participation

  • 2016 - 2017 IEEE-USA Board, VP of Government Relations
  • 2014 - 2015 IEEE-USA IP Policy Ctte, Vice-Chair
  • 2018 TAB AdHoc on Contracts Review, Chair
  • 2018 WIE Boston Vice-Chair
  • Societies: Robotics & Automation Computer Computational Intelligence Social Implication of Tech
  • HKN

Maura's Mission: Make IEEE & IEEE-USA Indispensable

I am committed to making IEEE-USA indispensable to: 

To Members & Their Families

To convince U.S. technology professionals to join and then stay with IEEE, we should recraft IEEE-USA Value-Added so that their decisions to join IEEE and then remain as members is a non-brainer. 

Fit Membership to Today's Members

IEEE-USA should not only suit the kinds of members that IEEE had 40 years ago. IEEE-USA can and should adjust itself to sustain the technology professionals that we are today: 

  • No matter how we work (employees, consultants, contractors, academicians, consultants, temps, project workers, entrepreneurs, serial employee, retired);
  • No matter what kind of career we have (engineers, scientists, computers, IT, mathematicians - even technology lawyers!); and
  • No matter how long we have been in our careers (students, young professionals, mid-careers, senior members, life members).

Focus on Students & Young Professionals

We can and should focus on students and young professionals; they are our future.

  • Some of their career challenges are the same as those faced by more senior IEEE members. IEEE-USA should facilitate mentoring.
  • Many of their career challenges are quite unique. IEEE-USA should adapt member benefits and its public policy activities to support them.

To Our Professions

Focus on Multi-Disciplinary Thinking & Collaboration

At the February 2018 IEEE meeting series in Orlando, FL, IEEE presented Brain Fuel 2018: Industry Perspectives, in which a panel of global industry executives discussed the future of technology and the challenges and opportunities that industry and technology professionals will face in that future. All panelists agreed that:

  • technology was going to become increasingly multidisciplinary, and
  • collaboration across disciplines will be crucial for any person or entity to succeed.

IEEE-USA should grow its commitment to collaboration and multi-disciplinary thinking.

To our Employers/Clients

Ask for Their Support

Earlier in IEEE’s history, it was more common for employers to pay their employees’ IEEE membership dues and to encourage its employees to volunteer with IEEE. Employers understood the connection between their success and IEEE membership. While not all of today’s members have employers who can support their IEEE membership and volunteering, many still do, for which we are grateful. IEEE-USA can and should reach out to the other employers to show them that IEEE membership by their employees gives them better trained, better-focused, and more valuable technology workers.

Solicit Sponsorship From Them

IEEE-USA can and should also approach companies, research laboratories, and universities for sponsorship of IEEE-USA initiatives.

Engage Them in Our Advocacy

IEEE-USA can and should also keep our members’ employers and clients informed of our policy initiatives and collaborate with them when our objectives align. In particular, we should invite them, especially start-ups, to participate in the educational briefings that IEEE-USA organizes for Congressional caucuses such as the Robotics Caucus, AI Caucus, Cybersecurity Caucus, and Inventions Caucus. Through caucus briefings, we can give a company a national spotlight and educate our legislators on the challenges faced by the company and its industry.

To Our Government

Honor our many perspectives; speak with one voice

IEEE is diverse, and IEEE-USA represents all kinds of people with all kinds of viewpoints. Not every position that we take will satisfy every U.S. member; we need to honor our many perspectives but speak with one voice.  IEEE-USA is consensus-driven. We need to amp up how we inform our members about advocacy efforts and to increase the number of U.S. members who participate in advocacy.

Increase targeted education & advocacy

IEEE is diverse, and IEEE-USA represents all kinds of people with all kinds of viewpoints. Not every position that we take will satisfy every U.S. member; we need to honor our many perspectives but speak with one voice.  IEEE-USA is consensus-driven. We need to amp up how we inform our members about advocacy efforts and to increase the number of U.S. members who participate in advocacy.

Collaborate with legislators, agencies, and other associations

While not every objective will be shared with all of our collaborators, but when interests align, we increase the impact of our voice when we collaborate with others. Also, collaboration shares the workload so we reduce the amount of volunteer and staff effort.


Help bring advocacy to the rest of the world

IEEE, through its Global Public Policy Committee, is doing some exciting work in advocacy in non-U.S. regions, especially in Europe and Africa. IEEE-USA can use our extensive experience in advocacy to help IEEE to bring advocacy to the rest of the world

Promote membership retention

Members that volunteer and senior members tend to renew their memberships. EEE-USA can and should collaborate with Sections and Societies to conduct Senior Elevation Events. We can also simplify volunteering by pursuing micro-volunteering.

To Others

Share expertise; be a resource

IEEE-USA can and should increase ways to enable mentorship of all kinds to members, especially Young Professionals Students, and under-represented groups like Women in Engineering.

Give back by doing

IEEE-USA can and should continue to collaborate with IEEE regions, sections, and societies on humanitarian projects (for example, by continuing to co-sponsor the large, national annual Global Humanitarian Technology Conference)and especially on opportunities at the local level.

Promote STEM!

Children and their parents are prospective IEEE members. IEEE-USA should continue to advocate nationally for STEM education, but also act locally, for example  co-sponsoring local STEM events such as those under the Women in Engineering  Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist (STAR) Program,


I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, by an engineer who logged many hours at his drawing board in his home office on evenings and weekends, and a housewife mother, who, in a different era, would have been an incredible project manager (you should have seen her chores chart!).

My parents taught me:

  • The value of hard work
  • Persistence
  • Adaptability to make changes to a plan when needed, and
  • flexibility to scrap it all and come up with a new plan when necessary

I received a B.S. Mathematics from University of Dayton, studied at Northeastern University (BSEE and MSEE coursework), and received my J.D. from Boston University School of Law. I am a patent lawyer (partner at Cambridge Technology Law, Cambridge, MA). My clients have been multi-national corporations, entrepreneurs, and solo inventors.

I like my profession. I get to deal with the clever people, the inventors, entrepreneurs, marketers; and I never have to bail someone out of jail in the middle of the night. My favorite projects are multi-disciplinary in nature and require input from experts in several field in order to develop strategically appropriate solutions that satisfy technology and business goals.

The most damaging phrase in the language is:
"It's always been done that way."
Grace Hopper